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Yettis Kitchen

How to start a food business from home/restaurant

How to start a food business from home/restaurant

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Wish you had the money to afford a restaurant? What if told you, you can sell food from home, and make good profit. Thinking of running a food business around your family or hours that suit you? Then this book is for you.

In this book, we provide you with real life examples and actual references to help you get your food or restaurant business started. Non lengthy guide. Straight to the point, and helpful advice that actually saves you money.

The chapters include:
Delivery platforms to choose.
Cheap and professional phone lines to use.
Website and graphic design for your brand.
Food inspection and Allergens.
Finding staff and advertising for your business.
Accepting card payments
Waste management
Licensing - Alcohol, waste, music etc
and so much more.
Join our community for more support outside of this book.
Yetti Tabai is a lawyer & brand developer who has had the opportunity to work with individuals and businesses locally in the UK and internationally. Whilst promoting the Yettis Kitchen brand, she is also a mentor, speaker, singer and I.T enthusiast who has worked in the catering and restaurant industry for over 10 years. She has catered for individuals, businesses, events, councils and the aviation industry.

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