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About Us

Yetti’s Kitchen formerly called ‘Come chop with me’ started out as an online restaurant that catered to just the Milton Keynes area. Serving hot meals and having them delivered to the whole of Milton Keynes from Yetti’s home kitchen. Some of her reviews included “Food delivered in record time, but with that home made cooking feel to it, will certainly order again”

Yetti’s passion stemmed from her joy of cooking for friends and family, and always trying out other dishes and sauces that were not usual to the main ingredients you would use. Example using Ketchup as a condiment for her pancakes.

This has now increased from the comfort of her home kitchen to a restaurant in Manchester. Working as a JustEat, Uber eats and Deliveroo partner and working with organisations far and wide passing on the knowledge and skills she has gained over the years. This has been pivotal and key to the opening of new franchises across the UK, with mums and entrepreneurs just like herself.


Serving the best fusion of African and English Delicacies. Not your typical Bangers and Mash, but a quirky interpretation of it. On the flip side, We provide servings on premium African Dishes using the most unconventional methods. #LetsEat #Yettismanchester


Serving an array of Fizzy, Alchohol and Non- Alchoholic Drinks from England, Spain and Nigeria. A place to relax and have your favourite drink, or perhaps take a trip down memory lane with our reminiscent drinks from Spain and Nigeria alike.


Ever waited for food at a restaurant to arrive, or waited for the delivery driver. Well at Yetti’s Kitchen we hate to make you wait and if it ever happens, we hope to ease the waiting times with the choicest of shortfilms locally and internationally.


YK Blog and Vlog updates.

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