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Going Dutch – a valentine’s story

Today you will hear almost the greatest love story ever told. You will hear the story of two cultures coming together as one. Our names are Reggie and Angela van Dinter and we work for Yetti’s Kitchen in marketing and branding.

We are very pleased to be sharing our personal love story with you and we hope it will inspire you to pursue the best in your love life.

Today you hear Reggie’s side of the story:

Let me start with sharing that when I met Angela in 2014, I never realised she would end up becoming my wife 4 years later. The first time I saw her, my heart was bumping up and down. I was in Liverpool at a Christian conference and as soon as I walked into the building I met this lively lady and me being me I walked up to introduce myself to her. The same day I followed this lady around all day and the conference team told her that I was looking for her every time.

After the conference ended, I went home and straight away I added her on Facebook and started to try and build a friendship with her. She wasn’t paying any attention to any of it for a long time. I came to the UK a couple of times a year and every single time I tried to be in touch with the lady, she told me she wasn’t well or was busy with a lot of stuff. I kept trying and trying. Then in the summer of 2016 after the conference again, I went to visit her. She wasn’t able to come this time to the conference, so I said I would come and visit her at the church she was a worship leader.

The first time I walked through the doors of the church building and I saw her leading worship, I smiled and thought by myself, she’s very pretty, beautiful and an amazing worship leader at the same time. I was already sold the first time I met her at the conference back in 2014. However, seeing her leading worship was just amazing. We spend time together walking around in the park in Swinton where she lived and I whilst walking in the park, I put my arm around her and thought it was just as friends. Not realising that I fancied her and liked her a lot. We went to a local pub and had a drink outside. The sun was going down, so it was as if we could have a wonderful date. This is obviously not the case, because I told her that I liked another lady. She was not happy, but also she wasn’t particularly interested in me.

Fast forward to March 2017, I came to visit Manchester again and I had a chance to finally tell her that I liked her and that I wanted her to be my partner for life. When I invited the lady to meet at her main church for a meeting in the evening, I chickened out to let her know my feelings. The same weekend I lost my passport and I felt like I was given another chance to let her know. I didn’t do it, so it took another couple of months until June to finally let her know how I felt about her.

Finally in June 2017 I told the lady I had feelings for her and I wanted a chance to proof myself worthy of being in a relationship with her. She gave me one date and one date ended up in me staying for three weeks in Manchester. We ended up dating on our second date and from that moment onward we knew that we were meant to be together. We have been together now since July 2017 and married for 2,5 years of the 4 years being together.

Later this week you will hear my wife’s story of how this became the greatest love story every told.

We know that Valentine’s day is coming up very soon and at Yetti’s Kitchen we will be celebrating Valentine’s day on Saturday 13th February at 7.30pm GMT with a party where you can enjoy music, food, games and fun.

When you order your tickets for the event on Saturday, you will receive a discount coupon from Yetti’s Kitchen for your next order. you can order your tickets now by clicking here










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